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Van Cleave Dry Goods is about improving the snack food experience. To do that, we needed to start with the best ingredients available. That means only using the best beef that's raised right here in the United States of America. Our high-quality beef contains natural marbling that infuses the jerky with a delicious buttery flavor that is not commonly found in beef jerky. When it comes to our spices and seasonings, you will not find anything better than what we use day in and day out.

Our process is different, too. We believe that the only way to make the best Genuine Craft Jerky available is by using our small batch process. Take note, because this part is important, we believe "small batch" is more than just a couple nice words to put on a label. We only make our jerky in actual small batches that are carefully crafted by our expert jerky craftsmen until it is perfect - not just "good enough." The process makes some of the best jerky you will ever taste.

Get yourself some, and you will never look back!